Testosterone Undecanoate

This article is meant to be a summary detailing what exactly Testosterone Undecanoate is as well as its medicinal purposes. It will first touch upon things such as the common dosage, recommended usage, and side effects that users can expect when taking this steroid. Subsequent comments should be reserved for men who aren’t expecting to make any extra gains or are already experiencing weight loss along with other problems that are associated with low levels of T (similarly if you’re going to list negative side effects that should also apply to women). This topic might sound rather dry for some people, but it’s more about providing general information than being a sales pitch for this steroid.

Defining what Testosterone Undecanoate is

What is Testosterone Undecanoate

The definition of Testosterone Undecanoate is not something that men who are looking to get on TRT or why they might want to get on TRT should focus too much. The reason for this is because it’s just simply a matter of fact and common knowledge among anyone using this steroid. Testosterone Undecanoate was originally developed by Organon and then further refined by Nycomed Inc. It is the generic version of Andriol Testocaps which contains 40mg of testosterone undecanoate (and not testosterone).

The active/bioavailable compound in TU is technically not testosterone but rather an esterified form of it known as undecanoate. What does that mean? Each milligram of TU contains 40mg of testosterone which is one full gram less than the total amount of undecanoate in each capsule. It’s because of this that TU has a half-life of approximately 8-9 days making it more suitable for injection once every 7 days rather than daily or multiple times per week.

On paper, Testosterone Undecanoate is exactly the same as testosterone propionate. The only difference is that instead of having a short half-life of only 2 days it has a considerably longer one at 8-9 days. Testosterone Undecanoate’s notable advantages over other popular steroids include increased flexibility, convenience & absorption rates along with providing off-cycle benefits between cycles which is something that most steroids lack.

We have been able to find a number of reviews from forum members who have provided their feedback on Testosterone Undecanoate. The general consensus of the opinions seems to be that while it’s not nearly as powerful or effective as other anabolic steroids, it’s still considered a good choice for beginners.

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How exactly is Testosterone Undecanoate used?

Testosterone Undecanoate (TU) isn’t necessarily a very popular steroid for men who are looking to make significant strength and muscle gains. It’s because of the fact that while the off-cycle benefits of Testosterone Undecanoate are undeniable, its effectiveness for this purpose is not.

Many men also take Testosterone Undecanoate off-cycle, but that’s typically only recommended for men who are looking to improve their overall health and well-being without diminishing their strength levels. Based on the information provided by The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), all men should have a minimum of 400ng/dL in order to be considered as being within the normal range for testosterone.

While this may seem like more of a guideline than an actual rule, it’s still recommended that all men who are looking to take Testosterone Undecanoate follow this standard simply because it indicates that their testosterone levels are within safe and optimal levels.

It’s also important to note that technically Testosterone Undecanoate isn’t a steroid and it doesn’t fall under the classification of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). It is in fact considered a dietary supplement or food, but it does have therapeutic effects which can be used by men who are looking for an effective testosterone booster.

For men who are looking to take Testosterone Undecanoate, the general practice would be 1-2 capsules per day. It’s recommended that you take one capsule first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then after waiting at least 30 minutes it can be taken with food or a protein shake for maximum absorption.

The positive effects of using Testosterone Undecanoate

There are a number of positive effects which can be experienced by men who are using Testosterone Undecanoate. The most desirable of these include increased muscle mass, improved strength levels, and greater muscular endurance. While everyone’s genetics are different, the average male that is looking to take Testosterone Undecanoate will typically see results within 4-6 weeks.

Another important positive effect which men will experience is that they’ll see increased libido, increased sexual performance, and improved fertility. This is especially helpful for men who are looking to become fathers as it means their body is producing quality sperms cells on a regular basis.

Testosterone Undecanoate can also help to increase bone mineral density which is important for the prevention of osteoporosis. This steroid also helps to prevent a number of different conditions such as metabolic syndrome and obesity which means that it’s helping your body to function more efficiently on a regular basis.

The negative effects of Testosterone Undecanoate

Testosterone Undecanoate negative effects

There are also some less than desirable effects which men will experience when taking Testosterone Undecanoate. The most common of these effects include negative changes to cholesterol levels, acne, hair loss, and a number of different masculinization issues.

The majority of the side effects associated with Testosterone Undecanoate are temporary and once you stop taking it they’ll completely disappear without long-term damage or problems. There are however some negative effects that are more permanent such as hair loss, but these can be easily managed with the use of a suitable hair restoration product.

It’s also important to note that while Testosterone Undecanoate isn’t technically an AAS, it is still classified as a controlled substance in most regions and carries legal restrictions on its purchase, trade, and possession.

In addition to the negative side effects that are associated with guys taking Testosterone Undecanoate, there is also evidence that shows it can cause problems for women who come into contact with this steroid on a regular basis.

The long term effects of using Testosterone Undecanoate

There are a number of long-term side effects which have been shown to be associated with men who take Testosterone Undecanoate on a regular basis. These negative effects include decreased fertility, the development of male pattern baldness, and infertility.

These effects are dose dependant which means that they’re only an issue when Testosterone Undecanoate is used in very high doses or for extended periods of time. This is why it’s so important to stick to the recommended dosage levels when taking this substance.

The proper dosage instructions for Testosterone Undecanoate

The general practice for taking Testosterone Undecanoate is that you take 1-2 capsules per day. It’s recommended that it be taken with food as this will help to improve the absorption process and decrease the risk of stomach problems or nausea.

It’s also important to note that if you’re taking anabolic steroids in addition to Testosterone Undecanoate you should space your dosages further apart as the effects will stack and increase side effects. You should also make sure that you’re using a liver detox supplement to reduce stress on the liver from multiple steroid use.

Can Testosterone Undecanoate be stacked for better results?

Yes, Testosterone Undecanoate can be stacked with other steroids for better results. This includes stacking it with different types of testosterone, Dianabol or Anavar. It’s often used in these stacks because it has a long half-life which means that it will stay active in your body for longer than other kinds of testosterone so you don’t need to worry about taking it every day.

You should also be aware that Testosterone Undecanoate shouldn’t be used in combination with other anabolic steroids because this will increase the risk of side effects and harm your liver due to poor detoxification. If you are looking to get the best possible results from Testosterone Undecanoate then you should ensure that you’re taking it in combination with a suitable diet and exercise routine.

Is Testosterone Undecanoate safe?

Yes, Testosterone Undecanoate can be used safely by most men as long as they follow the recommended dosage instructions. Testosterone is essential for maintaining a number of different functions in your body and it’s possible to overdose on this steroid if you take too much, but the adverse effects associated with an overdose are very rare.

Is Testosterone Undecanoate a legal supplement?

Is Testosterone Undecanoate legal

Testosterone Undecanoate is a legal supplement as long as you’re purchasing it from a reputable source and not buying it through the black market. Some forms of testosterone such as those available in most gyms are illegal, but Testosterone Undecanoate is manufactured for use by bodybuilders and athletes and isn’t considered to be an AAS by the FDA.

Summary and conclusion

As has been shown, Testosterone Undecanoate has a number of positive effects which can be used to combat certain medical conditions while also helping men to gain additional muscle mass. However, the negative side effects associated with this substance are something that should be taken into account before buying Testosterone Undecanoate supplements.

It’s always suggested that you speak with your doctor before starting any new supplementation program so you can find out what is right for you.

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