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Parabolan is a very popular anabolic steroid that was developed in the early 1950s for use in humans. But out of all the anabolic steroids available it has seen some of the most changes and has gone through numerous changes throughout its history.

What is Parabolan?

Parabolan is a strong androgenic steroid. Even though it has a high androgenic strength, it also has a very strong anabolic characteristic as well. In fact, its anabolic strength is only slightly less than its androgenic strength or perhaps on par with it depending on the particular ester of Trenbolone that is used. However, it must be noted that the androgenic strength of Trenbolone Acetate is slightly higher than its androgenic strength if we compare the same dosages of both compounds.

While there are numerous factors about Parabolan that make it comparable to some very powerful anabolic steroids such as Masteron (drostanolone) these two simply don’t compare in the same breath. For instance, Parabolan is a non-aromatizing steroid and because of this, it cannot cause water retention as Masteron can.

When we look at reasons why some people would want to use Trenbolone, we can come up with some very good ones. But perhaps the best reason to use Trenbolone, particularly Parabolan, is the fact that it’s a very versatile steroid capable of producing numerous types of results within the body. Beyond that it can be successfully combined with numerous other steroids for different purposes making this compound flexible in its application.

Although incredibly versatile, there are some limitations in its application. For example, we cannot use this for lean mass purposes such as bulking or cutting because it’s not a good choice for either of these two common reasons people desire steroids. Trenbolone is simply too toxic and can be hard on the body when used over an extended period of time; generally 8 weeks max. So when we want to use Tren for a mass gaining phase, it’s best to limit our exposure and duration of use.

The conversion rate from Parabolan on its own is actually rather low so while some may claim great gains can be made with this compound on its own, the reality is that these claims are not likely true or at least not likely true in a clinical sense. The reason for this is that Parabolan alone does not produce very much noticeable muscle growth and gains made with it on its own will be primarily the result of water retention and such, but there won’t be significant increases in lean tissue mass or quality of that tissue.

This is due primarily to the simple fact that it’s a non-aromatizing steroid and will not cause much in the way of gains without significant increases in estrogen levels. In order to keep estrogen levels from skyrocketing, the best course is to stack Parabolan with another anabolic steroid such as Testosterone or Deca Durabolin (nandrolone decanoate). This way the body’s natural testosterone production remains intact yet gains are still made at a very high rate.

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Various forms of Parabolan

Various forms of Parabolan

There are numerous forms of Trenbolone that have been developed for use in humans. Parabolan is actually one of the oldest forms of Trenbolone. The Acetate version of Trenbolone was first released in 1956 and this is what Parabolan was; the Acetate version of Trenbolone. This means Parabolan was the original form of Trenbolone before any modifications were made to its chemical structure as we saw with Nandrolone (Deca).

Nandrolone was simply the first anabolic steroid ever created and Trenbolone, as we know it today, is nothing more than Nandrolone with a double bond at its (19-11) position. Yes, they are very similar in many ways; they both carry immensely powerful anabolic and androgenic effects and both can place great strain and stress on the body if used for extended periods of time, but like we said Trenbolone is simply Nandrolone with a double bond at its (19-11) position.

However, we know that the Acetate version presents numerous issues as it has a very short half-life as well as a very rapid release of Trenbolone once administered. This makes it rather impractical for many purposes and one of the reasons we have so many other forms today, all of which carry their own particular traits and benefits.

Some or most of these various versions can be found on the black market but some are also still available from legitimate pharmaceutical companies. For example, Parabolan is manufactured by Negma Laboratories in France and it’s actually still available today. The version known as Trenbolin produced by Dragon Pharma in Thailand is also somewhat common on the black market these days.

As for Halotestin, this version was never designed to be used by itself; Halotestin was developed for the treatment of male breast cancer and it’s commonly stacked with Anadrol 50 or Testosterone due to its tremendously strong anabolic effects. However, you’ll still find Halotestin on the black market from time to time so there may be suppliers who offer it separately on their sites as this is something quite popular with bodybuilders.

As for Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, this is a form also developed for use in humans and it’s primarily designed as an anti-estrogen. It was developed primarily to combat the aromatizing effects of Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin) but has since found many other applications in the bodybuilding world.

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The use of Parabolan for bodybuilding

Parabolan for Bodybuilding

When it comes to pure mass and hardening effects, no anabolic steroid is comparable with Trenbolone Acetate or any version of Trenbolone actually, but Parabolan carries these traits even further than most other forms.

You see, Parabolan is simply Trenbolone with a double bond at its (19-11) position and the double bond will slow down the rate of release somewhat as well as it will make this form more resistant to metabolic breakdown making it quite a bit stronger than regular Trenbolone. While this makes the Acetate version more practical for many purposes, it also makes it much less desirable in terms of adding pure size.

However, Parabolan is different, and because the double bond slows down its release to a significant degree this form can be extremely beneficial in terms of adding mass. The fact is almost every experienced steroid user who has used Parabolan is quick to say that this form is the king for mass.

In many ways, Parabolan can be compared with Anadrol 50 or Testosterone in terms of ability to add size but it’s also important to remember that Parabolan carries a much lower aromatization rate-making water retention quite minimal and this will promote an overall harder look to the physique. It’s interesting to note that the French discontinued the production of Halotestin and replaced it with Parabolan so many similarities can be drawn between these two forms.

However, as far as adding pure mass without adding too much water, there are very few steroids that can compare with Parabolan. However, many bodybuilders don’t understand that Parabolan also has a rather high androgenic nature which is why it’s important to keep water retention minimal as it can promote side effects such as acne, hair loss, and gynecomastia.

However, remember if you choose to use other steroids along with this one you should always stack only two different anabolic steroids at a time to avoid the possibility of negative interaction.

If you’ve used Deca Durabolin or any other version of Nandrolone, stacking it with Parabolan will provide very dramatic results in terms of gaining mass but keep in mind that this may also lead to some long-term toxicity issues with kidney function.

As for the majority of other performance-enhancing athletes, stacking Parabolan with Testosterone can provide incredibly dramatic results, to say the least, and many claim that you will find more mass on a Parabolan cycle than perhaps any steroid. If you plan on stacking it with another anabolic steroid, be sure not to stack anything which aromatizes heavily, and remember to add a SERM such as Nolvadex or Proviron to protect against estrogenic side effects.

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The potential side effects of abusing Parabolan

As with any form of Trenbolone, there is a strong risk for negative side effects such as hair loss and other related problems. This is why I recommend you always use at least Testosterone in conjunction with it to provide your body with the proper level of androgens that it needs. The other major thing to consider when using this steroid is that it does not provide you with any protection against estrogenic-related problems.

The side effects of Parabolan can be very similar to those of Halotestin and this is also a steroid that aromatizes heavily and unfortunately, the anti-estrogenic drugs we have available today are not strong enough to combat this particular problem should it arise.

What are the positive effects of using Parabolan?

There are many positive effects of using Parabolan, most notably the ability to gain high-quality lean mass very rapidly. However, it is important to always remember that you will need to provide this steroid with adequate amounts of exogenous testosterone if you hope to avoid negative side effects such as testicular atrophy.

As for who can use this steroid, it’s the same as with any anabolic steroid in that younger athletes who are early in their cycles can make great use of it. As for women, this is one of the best steroids they can choose to use when looking to add mass rapidly or even when dieting down.

Who should not use Parabolan?

Who should not use Parabolan

While the majority of people will find this steroid to be extremely beneficial there are some who should avoid it altogether. For example, if you have severe kidney problems then this is one steroid that should not be used by you at all as it may cause further damage. However, if you have any prior history of liver problems, prostate issues, or any other concerns I would avoid Parabolan as this steroid can further exacerbate them.

Summary and conclusion

Parabolan is a very effective steroid, but with all steroids, there are potential side effects. If you are going to use Parabolan, ensure you have a thorough understanding of the potential side effects and how to control them. If you are going to use Parabolan, it is important that you are aware of what it is, how it works and what the best way is to use it. Our goal is to inform and educate our readers so that they can make an informed decision when it comes to steroid use and to ensure that they are properly educated on the subject matter.

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